My Week

Well, what a busy week!
It started on Monday (like most weeks do!) with another trip to the doctors to find out my test results, everything was normal so thats good, I suffer with a rare illness called Hidradenitis Suppurativa and have just been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / ME to top it off!
I’ve had to have so many tests over the last few months including chest x-rays and ECG’s to make sure my symptoms aren’t caused by anything else, so now I know what it is I can try to get back to normal .. hmmm thinking of normal I don’t think i’ve ever been that!!

On tuesday I went to the last camera club meeting of the season and thursday was the last AV group meeting, it’ll be strange not going to the clubs for a few months, but at least i’ll have more time to take more photos!!

Apart from that I’ve been working on my shop and a few graphics projects I have on the go, and waiting for my hubby to arrive home from work, he works away and has been delayed for another week, hopefully i’ll have him home just in time for easter!!

About photographybypixie

Hi, I'm Pixie. I'm a graphic designer and photographer, I also run 2 online gift shops Visit my Gift Shop for photography and some fractal and digital art or visit my Hippy Gift Shop if you love bright crazy colours and psychedelic designs I use this blog as a kind of diary to tell you all about my life and my work and to show my photos and designs. I hope you enjoy looking.

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