My Memories of the Maldives

Today i’ve been reminiscing about our weddidng and looking through our pictures, i can’t belive it’s nearly our first years anniversary, must think of a suitable present made of paper for my husband, at least it shouldn’t cost a fourtune this year!! I’ve also been remembering the good times in the Maldives, we spent 3 wonderful weeks there and met lots of lovely people, eat lots of lovely food .. and got soaked in there not so lovely rain!! We got married last June right in the middle of their monsoon season but it didn’t spoil a thing, we were quite lucky as most of the time it seemed to rain when we were swimming in the sea or when we were asleep late at night! I wish we could go back and visit the staff, everyone was so friendly out there and looked after us like we were superstars .. and i really have to swim with sharks again, they were only small black tipped reef sharks but it was still a big thrill, and the turtles, they were just amazing, so graceful swimming along and not bothered at all that we were following them with our underwater cameras, at least i have some great pictures to look back on 🙂 good times 🙂

About photographybypixie

Hi, I'm Pixie. I'm a graphic designer and photographer, I also run 2 online gift shops Visit my Gift Shop for photography and some fractal and digital art or visit my Hippy Gift Shop if you love bright crazy colours and psychedelic designs I use this blog as a kind of diary to tell you all about my life and my work and to show my photos and designs. I hope you enjoy looking.

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