Life with my new Livescribe Smartpen .. I’m super organized!

It’s been a while since i’ve written a blog so thought I’d write one with my new Livescribe Smartpen I’m handwriting this text in a special notebook with a special pen then when I get home I ‘ll plug the pen in to my computer, press a few buttons and my handwritten text will turn in to typed text that I can copy and paste in to my blog.. how clever is that!!
It’s going to make life so much easier now as it records voices as well, I’ll be able to record business meetings and write short notes then I can listen back to the whole conversation or just part of it when I start doing the work, I’m never going to miss a single word again!!

I’m also going to be using it to make notes during my scuba diving training lessons then I’ll be able to remember every word when I revise for the exam! It links up to and I can access that on my iPhone so can revise while i’m on the go .. and do some last minuite revision on the way to the exam too!!
Evernote is an amazing site, it’s an online notebook that links up on your computer or mobile phone so you can access your notes anywhere! I’ve been using it for about 18 months now and can’t live without it!

When I bought my livescript smartpen the pen they gave me a link to send to friends so they can get 15% off use this link if you’d like to get 15% off your pen.

As for my lack of blog writing I’ve been so busy with graphics work lately I haven’t had time to sit and write, I though I’d grab the chance today as my husband has dragged me to the local pub to watch the rugby .. “come on ENGLAND” Rugby is my husbands religion and HAS to go out and watch EVERY match so i’m glad I have my smartpen handy!

My gift shops are also growing rapidly with more products being added all the time. We now have lots of new products including Messenger Bags, iPad Sleeves, MacBook Sleeves and my favorite product of all Personal Organizer Planners I will be treating myself to one of these personal organizers as they will be so handy to take to business meetings with my smartpen and a notebook inside. I can also use it as a portfolio by printing some small sample pictures off and carrying them inside. Along with my iphone in a matching iPhone 4 Case and spare Business Cards It’ll be so much easier than carrying my big portfolio around all the time! you can see the whole range of gifts with unique photo and fractal art prints in myGift Shop and funky gifts in my Hippy Gift Shop Here are a few of my favorites.

About photographybypixie

Hi, I'm Pixie. I'm a graphic designer and photographer, I also run 2 online gift shops Visit my Gift Shop for photography and some fractal and digital art or visit my Hippy Gift Shop if you love bright crazy colours and psychedelic designs I use this blog as a kind of diary to tell you all about my life and my work and to show my photos and designs. I hope you enjoy looking.

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