Scuba diving teddy bear wins a competition

wooohooo we’ve won a competition involving a photo, a teddy bear, scuba diving, and a very confussed Egyptian man!

Back in October we went on holiday to Egypt and flew with Easyjet.
While we were on the plane we saw a teddy bear that they were advertising called ‘Gulliver’ well Gulliver Bear likes to travel and easyjet were holding a competition and asking people to take a photo of gulliver bear on holiday!
As most of you know my husband has a bit of a teddy bear problem and insists that all bears should have a good home so buys one every time he sees one for sale!
We were going to Egypt to do some more scuba diving in the Red Sea and take some more underwater photos for my portfolio so thought this was the perfect opportunity to take some photos of Gulliver bear!
We found a shop that sold scuba diving gear so went in and bought Gulliver bear some goggles to wear, the sea is so salty in Egypt, it really stings your eyes and he’d get a much better view of all the pretty fish and coral with goggles on.
We found the smallest goggles and went to pay for them. The Egyptian shop owner told us that these weren’t very good for an adult and we should get masks and snorkels if we wanted to see more. We tried to explain they weren’t for us, they were for a teddy bear but he didn’t understand, after about 15 minutes of trying to explain he sold us the goggles and thought they were going to be used by a child!
We went back to our room picked up our scuba gear and kitted Gulliver bear up ready for a dive.
We had to walk past the shop to get to the beach and the man who had sold us the goggles was outside so we showed him Gulliver bear sporting his new goggles!
He hooted with laughter when he realised the goggles were for a bear and called all the other shop keepers out to take a look!
Gulliver bear grew very famous on holiday and grew to know all the dive instructors and hotel staff very well! He enjoyed 12 dives while he was on his trip and grew to be very good friends with some clown fish too!
Easyjet have featured one of our pictures in their in-flight ‘Traveller’ magazine and we won 2 flights on easyjet so will be returning in a few months for some more scuba diving and underwater photography! Gulliver bear is so looking forward to his next adventure in the sea and I’m sure the hotel staff are looking forward to seeing him again too!.

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Hi, I'm Pixie. I'm a graphic designer and photographer, I also run 2 online gift shops Visit my Gift Shop for photography and some fractal and digital art or visit my Hippy Gift Shop if you love bright crazy colours and psychedelic designs I use this blog as a kind of diary to tell you all about my life and my work and to show my photos and designs. I hope you enjoy looking.

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