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The world largest gummy bear!

WOWwee I received the most amazing gift through the post on Tuesday, a 10 inch tall 5lb gummy bear that is now called Gurtrude! I met a lovely man on twitter a few months ago who surprised me with this awesome gift! He seems to have got me down to a tee and knows exactly what I like just from our online chats! We were talking about how much bigger and better everything is in America and now I have proof! I’ve never seen anything as amazing as this before and now have the hard decision to make, should I eat Gurtrude or keep Gurtrude!
To make the decision even harder Gurtrude is grape flavour which is my favorite, will I be able to resist the juicy goodness!


Sending a big thank you to Neil for sending it over and making my day.
Neil is an awesome business, internet and marketing consultant as well as a photographer and owner of the Chicago Postcard Museum and the Chen Mao Museum
Check his site out here
and find Neil on linkedin here

Scuba diving teddy bear wins a competition

wooohooo we’ve won a competition involving a photo, a teddy bear, scuba diving, and a very confussed Egyptian man!

Back in October we went on holiday to Egypt and flew with Easyjet.
While we were on the plane we saw a teddy bear that they were advertising called ‘Gulliver’ well Gulliver Bear likes to travel and easyjet were holding a competition and asking people to take a photo of gulliver bear on holiday!
As most of you know my husband has a bit of a teddy bear problem and insists that all bears should have a good home so buys one every time he sees one for sale!
We were going to Egypt to do some more scuba diving in the Red Sea and take some more underwater photos for my portfolio so thought this was the perfect opportunity to take some photos of Gulliver bear!
We found a shop that sold scuba diving gear so went in and bought Gulliver bear some goggles to wear, the sea is so salty in Egypt, it really stings your eyes and he’d get a much better view of all the pretty fish and coral with goggles on.
We found the smallest goggles and went to pay for them. The Egyptian shop owner told us that these weren’t very good for an adult and we should get masks and snorkels if we wanted to see more. We tried to explain they weren’t for us, they were for a teddy bear but he didn’t understand, after about 15 minutes of trying to explain he sold us the goggles and thought they were going to be used by a child!
We went back to our room picked up our scuba gear and kitted Gulliver bear up ready for a dive.
We had to walk past the shop to get to the beach and the man who had sold us the goggles was outside so we showed him Gulliver bear sporting his new goggles!
He hooted with laughter when he realised the goggles were for a bear and called all the other shop keepers out to take a look!
Gulliver bear grew very famous on holiday and grew to know all the dive instructors and hotel staff very well! He enjoyed 12 dives while he was on his trip and grew to be very good friends with some clown fish too!
Easyjet have featured one of our pictures in their in-flight ‘Traveller’ magazine and we won 2 flights on easyjet so will be returning in a few months for some more scuba diving and underwater photography! Gulliver bear is so looking forward to his next adventure in the sea and I’m sure the hotel staff are looking forward to seeing him again too!.

My awards at the Camera Clubs Exhibition

Our Camera Club held its annual exhibition yesterday and quite a few of my prints and digital images were on display as well as hundreds of amazing photography prints from all of the other members of the club.
We were allowed to submit 15 colour print, 15 monochrome prints and 15 digital images which are then judged and the best ones are picked out to go in the show.

I submitted about 20 images and lots of them were featured in the show.
Much to my surprise I found out that i’d been awarded 3rd place in the Natural History category for this Sergeant Major Fish Print

Sergeant Major Fish in Egypt

To top it off I was also awarded 2nd place in the people/portraits category for an art nude print.
I can’t post it here but if you’re an adult and have a flickr account you’ll be able to see! it’s about half way down the second page of my photostream here (this will change when i upload more photos though) it’s called ‘Art Nude in a Window’

I really wasn’t expecting to get two awards so it was a lovely surprise when i found out!
I’m really looking forward to next years exhibition now and am itching to get out and about with my camera again!

Here’s a few more of my favorite photography prints that are available in my zazzle photography shop. If you click on the picture or text it will take you to a page where you can see a larger version of the print and buy it.
All of the prints are available in many different sizes and all of the images can be bought on a huge range of gifts, stationery, accessories and greeting cards too.

Life with my new Livescribe Smartpen .. I’m super organized!

It’s been a while since i’ve written a blog so thought I’d write one with my new Livescribe Smartpen I’m handwriting this text in a special notebook with a special pen then when I get home I ‘ll plug the pen in to my computer, press a few buttons and my handwritten text will turn in to typed text that I can copy and paste in to my blog.. how clever is that!!
It’s going to make life so much easier now as it records voices as well, I’ll be able to record business meetings and write short notes then I can listen back to the whole conversation or just part of it when I start doing the work, I’m never going to miss a single word again!!

I’m also going to be using it to make notes during my scuba diving training lessons then I’ll be able to remember every word when I revise for the exam! It links up to and I can access that on my iPhone so can revise while i’m on the go .. and do some last minuite revision on the way to the exam too!!
Evernote is an amazing site, it’s an online notebook that links up on your computer or mobile phone so you can access your notes anywhere! I’ve been using it for about 18 months now and can’t live without it!

When I bought my livescript smartpen the pen they gave me a link to send to friends so they can get 15% off use this link if you’d like to get 15% off your pen.

As for my lack of blog writing I’ve been so busy with graphics work lately I haven’t had time to sit and write, I though I’d grab the chance today as my husband has dragged me to the local pub to watch the rugby .. “come on ENGLAND” Rugby is my husbands religion and HAS to go out and watch EVERY match so i’m glad I have my smartpen handy!

My gift shops are also growing rapidly with more products being added all the time. We now have lots of new products including Messenger Bags, iPad Sleeves, MacBook Sleeves and my favorite product of all Personal Organizer Planners I will be treating myself to one of these personal organizers as they will be so handy to take to business meetings with my smartpen and a notebook inside. I can also use it as a portfolio by printing some small sample pictures off and carrying them inside. Along with my iphone in a matching iPhone 4 Case and spare Business Cards It’ll be so much easier than carrying my big portfolio around all the time! you can see the whole range of gifts with unique photo and fractal art prints in myGift Shop and funky gifts in my Hippy Gift Shop Here are a few of my favorites.

My Photographer / Artist Interview has been published

I’ve just had an interview published .. woohooo!!

It’s titled – Interview with Claire “Pixie” Copley of Photography by Pixie

I had lots of fun answering questions like “who and what inspires you”, “what do you like to do when you’re not creating art” and “Tell me 5 random things everyone should know about you”

I also told the story behind some of my photography and fractal art work so hope you enjoy reading it!

Interview with Photography by Pixie

My adventures in the new office begin!

I’ve finally moved in to the new office and have christened it already by eating far too many mini chocolate chip muffins and saying ‘cheers’ with a can of coca-cola!
The weather has been awful for the last few days and we didn’t think it was a good idea to move electrical and paper equipment during all the wind and rain, the sky was blue this morning so we made today the day!


My graphics company Pix and Mix is now part of a group of company’s called Gareth Holsgrove Associates Ltd, this will give us all the resources to offer an even better service.
We will be introducing lots of new and exciting things over the next few months so I can’t wait to finalise the details and offer them to the world.


Another partner of our company is Spectrum Lifestyle that sells DVD’s and online books.
Spectrum Lifestyle is run by 3 very talented and creative young adults, they also moved in to the office today and seemed far more organised than me.  All of their DVD’s have been put on the shelves in alphabetical order, it seems they are suffering from a severe case of office OCD, I do hope it’s not infectious!


My wonderful hubby also came along and helped us to move then spent a few hours putting my new desk together, he feels like he’s been on The Krypton Factor now, I’ve never seen so many different shaped and sized screws in my life, I’m sure he’ll be dreaming about them tonight!

Just as i am finishing this blog and looking forward to a nice dinner and chilled evening in front of the tv our Carbon Monoxide alarm goes off, my hubby has just phoned the gas company up and they’ve told us to turn the oven and heating off and not to turn anything electrical on or off untill they arrive in 2 hours, i’m so glad my laptop and tv are already on although i do have to keep the windows and doors open and freeze my feet off untill they arrive!!


Anyway I’m going to be updating Pix and Mix’s website over the next few weeks and adding the new services.
You can still contact us via the website you wish to talk about work.


As for my online gift shops I’ve added even more gifts to both so pop in and check them out here
Photography Gift Shop
and here
Hippy Gift Shop

Happy New Year Everyone

Happy New Year Everyone


Yay it’s nearly new years eve, I love this time of year as I always have such high hopes of how much healthier I’ll be in the new year, how the house will be kept spotlessly clean and how I’ll be able to plan my work so I’m not up untill stupid-o-clock finishing jobs that customers want in a hurry.
The feeling never lasts for long, and have doubts it will do this year as I have graphics and photography work coming out of my ears, as well as a new office to move in to over the next few weeks … yes I’m finally moving in to an office in a complex called ‘The Creative Exchange’ so no more working from home for me.
I can’t wait to get out and see people, swap creative ideas and get some fresh inspiration as well as expand my business and offer some new services that I’m really excited about…….. I’ll tell you more over the next few weeks.


After spending Christmas husbandless I finally have him home again so I’m taking a few days off to chill before the mad panic of moving starts!.
Christmas was nice though, I had a whole day of not even thinking about work, on boxing day it all started again though as I’ve designed 2 posters for clients and added lots more new gifts and stationery to both of my online shops, I will finish this blog by showing some of them.


Please visit my Photography Gift Shop
or my Hippy Gift Shop to see lots more.

I hope you all have a fantastic New Year with very little hangovers!



Merry Christmas and a Sneezy New Year

Yay its nearly christmas .. and i’m getting a cold!
My hubby is away working and wont be home untill the 28th too so ‘bah hubug’ to that!!

I thought i’d put a collection of funny things here to cheer myself up as well as giving you a smile!

To start with here’s my favorite christmas song
I wanted to play this at the end of our wedding but my husband put his foot down and wouldn’t allow it, he said it wasn’t suitable for a June wedding, what a meanie!

The perfect t-shirt for the new years day hangover.

A cute winter poem to make you smile.
This time last year i was humming this poem to myself, it’s not quite the same this year with the mild English weather but here goes anyway!

The more it snows (Tiddely pom),
The more it goes (Tiddely pom),
The more it goes (Tiddely pom),
On snowing. And nobody knows (Tiddely pom),
How cold my toes (Tiddely pom),
How cold my toes (Tiddely pom),
Are growing.

A.A. Milne
Winnie the Pooh
The House at Pooh Corner

And some terrible christmas jokes .. christmas wouldn’t be the same without them!

Why does Santa have three gardens? So he can ho-ho-ho!

Did you hear about the dyslexic devil worshipper?
He sold his soul to Santa.

Why Doesn’t Santa Have Any Children? Because He Only Comes Once A Year And That’s Down The Chimney!

Where do you find reindeer? It depends on where you leave them!

Why is Christmas just like a day at the office?
You do all the work and the fat guy with the suit gets all the credit.

Who beats his chest and swings from Christmas cake to Christmas cake?

Have a mega fantastic super special Christmas everyone.

with love from Pixie xx