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Amazing hand art – Great Inspiration for Artists

I really love this hand art, the giraffe and the zebra are amazing, i must have a go at creating my own!

Photography By Pixie’s photostream

white lily flowerotter standingstonehenge - salisbury plainbananasgreen leaf textureseagull looking out to sea
dead leaf on mossorange and yellow tulipreflections in a pondsea waveorange and white tulipspurple tulip - square
pink macro flowerpretty butterflymacro purple clematisbluebell woodspurple tulip fractalabstract pansy flower fractal
sunset glow on sandsunset over a lakefishing netsmacro butterflyotter in blossompurple clematis flower square

I’ve just added some more pictures to my flikr photostream, hope you enjoy looking at them 🙂

Cute Otter in Blossom Photo

I thought i’d post my latest photo here and share it with the world as its so cute 🙂

otter in blossom

butterfly on a daisy photo


been adding new pictures to my shutterpoint account, check them all out here

Cute Baby Otter Photo

Owl Eyes Photo

Things that make me smile

I thought i’d make a blog to brighten the day as i’m feeling quite low.
My hubby is away working untill the weekend and i’ve also missed all the sunshine today as i’ve been working on my shop, so though i’d put together a few pictures and youtube video clips to make everyone smile 🙂

Yellow Gerbra Card with Famous Quote

The T-Mobile Royal Wedding

Warning I Hide Things – Infant Creeper

Twinkle Twinkle Little Duck
Twinkle Twinkle Little Duck - rubber duck with glitter

Rainbow Zebra Photo
rainbow zebra

Purple Pink Spirals Fractal Hi Ankle Boots – Shoes

funny bird

Thank You Card – Flower Wishing Tree

Cute Rainbow Matryoshka Owl Greeting Card


Shhhh Hangover T-Shirt funny slogan

weebl and bob fishing