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Latte Art

I’ve just watched this and need a coffee now!
Such beautiful art, and i bet it tasted good too!!

Psychedelic Crazy Fractal Art Shoes

These shoes are available to buy in my zazzle shop

(just click on the link under the picture and it will take you there)

My art is being displayed in the Library .. yay!!

Yay, I was asked if i’d display one of my fractal pictures in a library to brighten the place up so as from today it can be seen in St Neots Library, Cambridgeshire.

This is the picture .. and i’m sure it will do its job of brightening the place up!!

My latest design .. Rainbow Zebra Print Shoes

Rainbow Zebra Print Pro Keds High Top Shoes from

Make your own iphone case

iphone 4 case – Make your own custom from

Rainbow Zebra Print Greeting Card Design

Rainbow Zebra Print Greeting Card from

Rainbow Zebra Print Mousemat Design

Rainbow Zebra Print Mousemat Mousepad from

Shhhh Hangover T-Shirt

Shhhh Hangover T-Shirt funny slogan from