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The Hippy Gift Shop has been Featured!

I’m so happy to see that my Hippy Gift Shop has been featured in an art gift ideas blog.
You can see the full feature here Hippy Gift Shop – Art Gift Ideas Blog
I’m really glad they like my bright and colourful designs and am over the moon that they have chosen to feature my shop here.
Sending a big thank you to Art Gift Ideas Blog and the Artisits Community


The Hippy Gift Shop has even more products now, I’ve been busy adding some more funky designs over the weekend, here’s a few of the latest gifts.

My Photographer / Artist Interview has been published

I’ve just had an interview published .. woohooo!!

It’s titled – Interview with Claire “Pixie” Copley of Photography by Pixie

I had lots of fun answering questions like “who and what inspires you”, “what do you like to do when you’re not creating art” and “Tell me 5 random things everyone should know about you”

I also told the story behind some of my photography and fractal art work so hope you enjoy reading it!

Interview with Photography by Pixie

Happy New Year Everyone

Happy New Year Everyone


Yay it’s nearly new years eve, I love this time of year as I always have such high hopes of how much healthier I’ll be in the new year, how the house will be kept spotlessly clean and how I’ll be able to plan my work so I’m not up untill stupid-o-clock finishing jobs that customers want in a hurry.
The feeling never lasts for long, and have doubts it will do this year as I have graphics and photography work coming out of my ears, as well as a new office to move in to over the next few weeks … yes I’m finally moving in to an office in a complex called ‘The Creative Exchange’ so no more working from home for me.
I can’t wait to get out and see people, swap creative ideas and get some fresh inspiration as well as expand my business and offer some new services that I’m really excited about…….. I’ll tell you more over the next few weeks.


After spending Christmas husbandless I finally have him home again so I’m taking a few days off to chill before the mad panic of moving starts!.
Christmas was nice though, I had a whole day of not even thinking about work, on boxing day it all started again though as I’ve designed 2 posters for clients and added lots more new gifts and stationery to both of my online shops, I will finish this blog by showing some of them.


Please visit my Photography Gift Shop
or my Hippy Gift Shop to see lots more.

I hope you all have a fantastic New Year with very little hangovers!



Scuba Diving in Sharm El Sheikh Egypt

I’m back after a fantastic scuba diving holiday in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.
We did our PADI open water course last year and went back to the same hotel (Reef Oasis) to get some more diving in!
The sea seemed a bit colder this year and there seemed to be less fish around than prevoius years which was a shame but we still had a great time scuba diving and snorkeling.
I also tried out my new underwater camera, its a Panasonic Lumix DMC – TS3 It’s quite good but i’ll have to save up for the underwater camera case for my Canon D60 as i’m so used to using a manual camera and only being able to use an auto mode is frustrating!
I’m glad to say we didn’t see any sharks while we were there, although i did get a fright from a 3ft Trigger fish who decided to chase me! I think I scared him away with my bright pink fins kicking franticly as I swam in the opposite direction … he had big teeth!
I’ve put all of my underwater photos in to a slide show (audio visual presentation) that you can see on youtube here


And all my photos from around the hotel are on an audio visual presentation here
I thought i’d make these AV’s from my un-edited holiday snaps instead of uploading the pictures one by one to the net as it’s much quicker and easier for everyone to see.
I also have many pictures here that i’ll be uploading to a stock library and my POD sites that are a better quality so keep watching, their will be lots more to see over the next few weeks!


I’ve had my brake now and have to go back and sort our house out, the builders are in replacing our kitchen and i have lot’s of graphics work to do too, i’ll need another holiday after all of this!

Satan on holidays .. or not! (part 3)

Hello eveyone, it’s satan the cat again!
I thought i’d pop on and write another blog before my pre-dinner nap and let you all know that i’ve been told i MUST stay here and guard the house while Pixie and Rich go to Egypt!
I found out that they weren’t going to Turkey so don’t really mind! I’ve heard that the Egyptians are rather fond of cats but it’s going to be way too hot at this time of year and my black fur and I can’t handle too much heat, so while there away scuba diving i’ll be here with the lovely lady who lives next door for company.
She’s such a nice lady and remembers to brush me before i have my breakfast, lunch, dinner and midnight feast unlike Pixie who only brushes me before my breakfast!
I’ll kick up a fuss though and ignore Pixie and Rich when they start packing their bags and ignore them both again when they arrive home to make them think i’m not happy staying here with the lady next door, it’d only upset them if they thought i won’t miss them!


Anyway enough of me now and i’ll tell you what Pixie has been up to this week with her Hippy Gift Shop.
So far i’ve been thrown off her lap 4 times in a fit of excitement as she’s gained another 4 Todays Best Awards for these items in her shop

She’s also been updating her ‘about me and my art and photography’ squidoo lens that you can see here Squidoo lens – about me and my art It features a rather attractive picture of myself too so i’m quite happy about that.

I’m off for my nap now and am going to start practicing my sulking impressions in time for when they go away!

A note about insurance – from a Cat!

You remember that I told you in my last blog that Pixie was watching TV and was so impressed by two meercats called Aleksandr and Sergei who are such brilliant salesmen that she phoned in for a car insurance quotation even though she doesn’t even drive – well, the policy arrived and I have just managed to take a look at it. Imagine my surprise to see that it was not car insurance that she took out, but pet insurance. Pixie has insured ME!!! This is wonderful! I think that every cat should be insured (and I should get commission from the meercats).

As for the kitchen, there’s still no improvement and the microwave oven is STILL taking up my space on the sofa and not beings used to cook salmon for cats, i was beginning to think Pixie had forgotten about me as she’s been so busy with her other work so it’s nice to know i’m insured now .. i will have to find out what this means though as i’ve never heard of cat insurance before!


Here are a few of the new items from Pixies photography and hippy art shops.


Purple Water wrappedcanvas
Purple Water visit the Photography Gift Shop

Mere cats

Hi It’s me again, Satan the cat. I had to write again and tell you about what’s been happening around here.
I was watching TV with Pixie the other evening between my after-dinner nap and my before-going-to-bed nap and saw a wonderful little programme presented by creatures called meercats.


They were called Aleksandr and Sergei and are such brilliant salesmen that Pixie phoned in for a car insurance quotation even though she doesn’t drive.
It was a very short programme, but was by far the best thing on TV that evening. However, it did set me thinking….
Now, I am all in favour of animals getting starring roles on TV and these guys have real talent – they even speak human (which, frankly, cats never bother to do – although we could, of course, if we wanted to).
No, my problem is that some idiot has decided to call them meercats.
Whoever did this really should know that:

a) They are not cats at all
b) The words ‘mere’ and ‘cats’ must never be used together.

There are lots of other names they could have chosen that would have been more suitable, such as ‘not quite as good as cats’ or ‘really brilliant, but cats are still best’.

Also, why have these talented animals had to resort to making TV adverts? They should have a show of their own. How about “Really brilliant, but cats are still best live at the Apollo” or “Almost as good as cats den”. (For a different species, I suppose we could have Gnus at Ten? – just a thought).

Anyway, all this led me to thinking that animals (really intelligent ones like cats and ‘not quite as good as cats’) can play a major role in advertising. So I am going to help Pixie with her advertising campaigns for a while. Obviously, she will do the writing because she doesn’t know that I can type (with all 4 feet!), but you know how it is that we cats can transmit ideas to our humans, so that is what I will do.

This means that a lot of the advertising for the Photography Gift Shop the Hippy Gift Shop, Pix and Mix and Spectrum Lifestyle from now on will actually be from me – so keep in touch.

Mere cats, indeed!

A perspective on refitting the kitchen


Let me introduce myself – I am Pixie’s cat. She called me Satan (without asking me) and now I am stuck with it. My mistake, really – I should NOT have started to answer to it. But I was only a little kitten at the time and now it is too late to change it to a proper cat name like Tiddles or Sooty (either would do because I am black and have been known to have the occasional accident on the furniture).


Anyway, I hear that Pixie has been blogging and tweeting or something. When I hear something tweet I usually eat it, but this seems to be something different – and inedible. As far as I can tell, she has been telling everyone what a mess her kitchen is and how she’s been sitting next to her microwave oven thats taken up residence on her sofa. This is stupid – even cats know that sofas are for sitting on (preferably with a lap underneath and microwaves are for cooking salmon for cats.


She is absolutely right about the mess, though, but she has been so busy telling everyone how inconvenient it has been for her and her husband (Rich) that she has completely forgotten about the most important person in this – namely ME!


Now, as my staff, Pixie and Rich ought to know that I am the most important person around, yet they have completely forgotten about how all this has inconvenienced me.
So I’ve just managed to get to her computer while she’s not looking and have hacked in to her blog to get my point accross, (For some reason humans can use a keyboard with their front legs but cats can’t – I don’t understand why, when we are far more intelligent, so i’m wondering around the keyboard with all 4 paws and just hope i am pressing the right buttons so you humans understand what its like to be a cat).


One morning, without any warning at all, Pixie and Rich started to dismantle the kitchen (with much banging and swearing). This disturbed my early morning nap. However, I was even more disturbed a little while later when I decided to wander around my estate – they had taken my cat flap away! My own, personal cat flap! Imagine the indignity of a fine and mature cat, in her absolute prime, having to make a graceful exit through a hole in the brickwork. Fortunately, none of the neighbours were watching, so no harm was done to my reputation except for a bit of brick dust on my back which I got Pixie to brush off when I returned home for my late morning nap.


I thought that I had them sufficiently well trained to install a brand new state-of-the-art cat flap without delay, but here we are weeks later with nothing more elegant than a ragged hole in the bricks. It is a good job that I am a cat with great patience – a lesser animal would have been off by now!


The rest of the kitchen is no better. Rubble everywhere, and Pixie still sitting next to the microwave. Rich has gone back to the comfort of an oil rig in the middle of the Sea and the new kitchen doesn’t seem to have even left the factory yet. Unbelievable! I must go and have a lie down. I will write again soon, so watch this space.