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Busy as a little bee

I need a holiday, or a rest at least!
We got back from Cornwall a couple of weeks ago and I spent all of last week working in London & Manchester.
We were filming in the day and photographing at night, I can’t say too much about the job as it’s confidential, but it was great fun and lots of hard work!

We traveled back last Friday night while watching a beautiful sunset out of the train window, only to see a beautiful sunrise the next morning as I’d been catching up with emails and other work all night! Time flies!

I’ve been working on a couple of websites, getting some designs ready for print and adding new products to my shop for the rest of the week and finally feel I’ve caught up .. Now it’s time to sort out all the photos from Cornwall and get them online before my computers harddrive is completely full!

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Looking for the Lizard

We’re on our way to the Lizard Peninsula (Cornwall) and the first raindrops of the day have just fallen on the windscreen! It was nice and bright when we left so hope it’s just a passing shower as my camera’s ready and waiting to come out and play!

Freezing feet at Dive Fest

I’m sitting on the beach in Cornwall waiting for dive fest to start tomorrow!
It’s freezing here but my hubby insists on flying his power kite, he’s such a kid!
At least I have phone signal and Internet connection here .. Something you get very little of in this part of the world!
We’ve had a really busy few days on photo shoots in the hidden gardens of heligan then at the Eden project today so have the nice job of sorting them all out when i’m back at home!
Looking forward to watching the royal wedding while drinking pimms tomorrow then off on photo shoots again for the next few days!

Chish and Fips

Chish and Fips are the best!
I’m sitting in a chip shop in Looe (Cornwall) enjoying my lunch and watching the sea … how relaxing!!!
We’ve been taking photos in a butterfly farm this morning so can’t wait to upload them and have a look later, I’ll post some as soon as I can!


We’ve just stopped off and got a few picture of Stonehenge while on our way to Cornwall, it’s absolutely amazing! So glad I’ve seen and photographed it now! 🙂 keep a watch out as I’ll post some pictures as soon as I know how to!