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The world largest gummy bear!

WOWwee I received the most amazing gift through the post on Tuesday, a 10 inch tall 5lb gummy bear that is now called Gurtrude! I met a lovely man on twitter a few months ago who surprised me with this awesome gift! He seems to have got me down to a tee and knows exactly what I like just from our online chats! We were talking about how much bigger and better everything is in America and now I have proof! I’ve never seen anything as amazing as this before and now have the hard decision to make, should I eat Gurtrude or keep Gurtrude!
To make the decision even harder Gurtrude is grape flavour which is my favorite, will I be able to resist the juicy goodness!


Sending a big thank you to Neil for sending it over and making my day.
Neil is an awesome business, internet and marketing consultant as well as a photographer and owner of the Chicago Postcard Museum and the Chen Mao Museum
Check his site out here
and find Neil on linkedin here