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Mere cats

Hi It’s me again, Satan the cat. I had to write again and tell you about what’s been happening around here.
I was watching TV with Pixie the other evening between my after-dinner nap and my before-going-to-bed nap and saw a wonderful little programme presented by creatures called meercats.


They were called Aleksandr and Sergei and are such brilliant salesmen that Pixie phoned in for a car insurance quotation even though she doesn’t drive.
It was a very short programme, but was by far the best thing on TV that evening. However, it did set me thinking….
Now, I am all in favour of animals getting starring roles on TV and these guys have real talent – they even speak human (which, frankly, cats never bother to do – although we could, of course, if we wanted to).
No, my problem is that some idiot has decided to call them meercats.
Whoever did this really should know that:

a) They are not cats at all
b) The words ‘mere’ and ‘cats’ must never be used together.

There are lots of other names they could have chosen that would have been more suitable, such as ‘not quite as good as cats’ or ‘really brilliant, but cats are still best’.

Also, why have these talented animals had to resort to making TV adverts? They should have a show of their own. How about “Really brilliant, but cats are still best live at the Apollo” or “Almost as good as cats den”. (For a different species, I suppose we could have Gnus at Ten? – just a thought).

Anyway, all this led me to thinking that animals (really intelligent ones like cats and ‘not quite as good as cats’) can play a major role in advertising. So I am going to help Pixie with her advertising campaigns for a while. Obviously, she will do the writing because she doesn’t know that I can type (with all 4 feet!), but you know how it is that we cats can transmit ideas to our humans, so that is what I will do.

This means that a lot of the advertising for the Photography Gift Shop the Hippy Gift Shop, Pix and Mix and Spectrum Lifestyle from now on will actually be from me – so keep in touch.

Mere cats, indeed!