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My adventures in the new office begin!

I’ve finally moved in to the new office and have christened it already by eating far too many mini chocolate chip muffins and saying ‘cheers’ with a can of coca-cola!
The weather has been awful for the last few days and we didn’t think it was a good idea to move electrical and paper equipment during all the wind and rain, the sky was blue this morning so we made today the day!


My graphics company Pix and Mix is now part of a group of company’s called Gareth Holsgrove Associates Ltd, this will give us all the resources to offer an even better service.
We will be introducing lots of new and exciting things over the next few months so I can’t wait to finalise the details and offer them to the world.


Another partner of our company is Spectrum Lifestyle that sells DVD’s and online books.
Spectrum Lifestyle is run by 3 very talented and creative young adults, they also moved in to the office today and seemed far more organised than me.  All of their DVD’s have been put on the shelves in alphabetical order, it seems they are suffering from a severe case of office OCD, I do hope it’s not infectious!


My wonderful hubby also came along and helped us to move then spent a few hours putting my new desk together, he feels like he’s been on The Krypton Factor now, I’ve never seen so many different shaped and sized screws in my life, I’m sure he’ll be dreaming about them tonight!

Just as i am finishing this blog and looking forward to a nice dinner and chilled evening in front of the tv our Carbon Monoxide alarm goes off, my hubby has just phoned the gas company up and they’ve told us to turn the oven and heating off and not to turn anything electrical on or off untill they arrive in 2 hours, i’m so glad my laptop and tv are already on although i do have to keep the windows and doors open and freeze my feet off untill they arrive!!


Anyway I’m going to be updating Pix and Mix’s website over the next few weeks and adding the new services.
You can still contact us via the website you wish to talk about work.


As for my online gift shops I’ve added even more gifts to both so pop in and check them out here
Photography Gift Shop
and here
Hippy Gift Shop