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Todays Best Award in my Zazzle Hippy Gift Shop

Woohooo i’ve just had an email from the team at telling me i’ve been given a Todays Best Award (TBA) for this psychedelic owl poster.
It’s available to buy in my Hippy Gift Shop along with lots of other matching products like iphone, ipad and ipod touch cases, portable music speakers, cards, keyrings, mugs, button badges, bags, stickers and lots more.
I also have lots of other psychedelic and hippy style products that would make special and unique gifts for family or friends.
Don’t foget to wear your sunglasses while you visit my shop, i have lots of eye-boggling designs!!

I’ve got a Todays Best Award for this item in my Zazzle Shop

yay .. i’ve just checked my emails and seen i have another TBA ‘todays best award’ for this item in my shop.

Really glad the zazzle team like it 🙂

wow!! i’ve just got 3 ‘todays best awards’ for these items in my shop

Yes 3 awards in 1 day, i’m so happy that the people of zazzle like them so much, this owl is one of my favorite designs, its made from loads of different photographs to give it a patchwork/collage look.

Click on the links or the pictures to see them in my shop.
I have many other designs printed on to things like ipad and iphone cases, posters, greeting cards, shoes, business cards, party invitations, mugs and loads more too.





Owl Eyes Photo

Cute Rainbow Matryoshka Owl Design Tote Bag

Cute Rainbow Matryoshka Owl Bag Tote Bags |

Just got a ‘Todays Best Award’


I’ve just got a ”Todays Best Award’ for this product in my shop 🙂

Envelope – Cute Rainbow Matryoshka Owl Envelopes |

Designing new items

I’m working on my shop today designing lots of new items including this travel mug below, i also have new shoes, ipod and iphone cases, stickers, cards and keyrings .. wish i was outside though as its nice and sunny again!!

Travel Mug – Cute Rainbow Matryoshka Owl from

ipad Case – Cute Rainbow Matryoshka Owl Ipad Case from

ipad Case – Cute Rainbow Matryoshka Owl Ipad Case from