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This is the wettest drought on record!!

The drought in the UK is hopefully over! It’s been raining here all day now so at least the farmers will be happy!

Hopefully it’ll carry on all week as the ground is so dry, it’s going to take a while to recover.

The plants in my garden have had a good soaking so that will keep the husband happy too!
Half of the flowers here haven’t even come in to bloom this year which is a real shame as I love photographing them, I just hope our vegetables survive as there’s nothing better than home-grown carrots, potatoes and tomatoes!
I do hope the sun is out next weekend though as it’s our 1st wedding anniversary, we’re hopefully going to Brighton for a few days and I don’t want soggy fish and chips on the beach!


We’ve just stopped off and got a few picture of Stonehenge while on our way to Cornwall, it’s absolutely amazing! So glad I’ve seen and photographed it now! 🙂 keep a watch out as I’ll post some pictures as soon as I know how to!